Australian breed cows, grown at local Malaysian farm

Our milk is sourced from our own operated Padang Hijau farm, situated in the heart of Projek Pertanian Moden in Kluang, Johor, Malaysia.

All the cows are imported from Australia and New Zealand, mainly from the Jersey Holstein breed for their high milk volume.

We are inspired is to give Malaysian high quality milk with high protein, while supporting our aspiring local farmers economically with high milk volume

Nutritious Feed, Nutritious Milk

We feed our ladies with Napier grass, mixed with several types of fodder as additional energy supplements.

Our ladies are always ensured to be well fed and treated so that they are happy and healthy. In return, they produce highly nutritious and delicious milk for your own goodness.

Freshest and safest milk in town

We transport our milk from our farm to factory every 48 to 72 hours so that you can get the freshest of milk in town!

We test our milk at the farms for antibiotic residues. If the milk is tested positive for antibiotics, we shall reject from being poured into our chilled milk tanker!